What Is a Friend?

8571247015_72c5a0079b_o“Friends. How many of us have them?  Friends.  Ones we can depend on.  Friends.  How many of us have them?  Friends….” Lyrics by Whodini

I can’t help but think about Facebook (FB) when I think about the true meaning of friends.  Several of my FB friends are actually real friends – the ones I interact with daily or at least face to face or by telephone on a regular basis.  Others are acquaintances – simply people that I have formed a connection with through various life events and activities.

Truth be told, I doubt if we would invite all the so-called FB friends into our homes.  We would, however, be selective and only invite those people we deem special or close.  I heard this said about “true” friends – they are your “personal executive council”.  This council should consist of people who have your back and those you can put your confidence and trust in.  They will correct you and put you in check (lovingly).  He or she is an encourager and cheerleader and is never threatened by your success, or by others being a part of your life.  They are companions, not competitors.  I can remember my mother saying that she could count her “true” friends on one hand, can you?

Don’t settle for the watered down, diminished version of a friend, but rather surround yourself with those who love, protect and stand by you in and out of season.
photo credit: AFS-USA Intercultural Programs IMG_1505.jpg via photopin (license)