Hermione Alease Carnes

Hermione Alease Carnes

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In this book, 14 authors share one word that has served as a motivating force in their path to personal or professional success. Along with the word, they share a motivational situation about how this word helped to transform their life. While our stories may be different in their own right, our stories connect all of us thought-leaders and positive role models.

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You’ll be amazed at what you learn about yourself and how words impact you in ways that you never knew.


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Hermione Alease Carnes

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Hermione Alease Carnes is chef (chief hospitality engineer for fabulous events) and owner of Elijah’s House of Food Services, LLC, DBA Alease’s Edibles. She began her catering service in 2001 in Fairfield, Alabama. She has worked as a chef instructor, personal chef, pastry and baking service contractor, and pop-up restaurateur.

She obtained a bachelor’s of science in accounting from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and an associate of arts from Culinard at Virginia College. Hermione believes that all of her gifts, including training and writing, have enabled her to touch lives that she never would have encountered.

Her clients range from the stranger at a homeless shelter, the culinary student in a rehabilitation program, the mega-church pastor, public officials, CEOs, film stars, and everyone in between. She seeks to become a well-known brand that uses food, faith, love, and the skill of culinary arts to touch people in every area of life possible. She has one son, Seth William, who inspires her to keep going, never give up, and always pray. Website: www.aleasesedibles.com Facebook: Alease’s Edibles Twitter: @hermionealease

Website: www.aleasesedibles.com Facebook: Alease’s Edibles Twitter: @hermionealease

Facebook: Alease’s Edibles Twitter: @hermionealease

Twitter: @hermionealease